What Is The Width Of LED Strip Lights?

If we get directly on the topic, the width of LED strips is usually variable. But before getting to a final chart distribution, let’s talk about the influence LED strip width has on its performance.

Variation in LED Strip dimensions

If we take a careful look at all the possible LED strip models available in the market, the strips come in various dimensions. Some strips have more than average length, while others are denser than others.

Going with wide LED strip lights is a choice only the user can make. Also, the width of the LED strip is known for its impact on the performance of the light itself. Better to keep this factor in mind before buying an LED strip.

Width Variation within the strip

The difference between the width of the strip and the width of LEDs on the strip is paramount. The width of the LED strip itself doesn’t influence the performance of the strip as much as the latter. 

For example, if we talk about the Kichler-led tape lights in particular. There are two variants of the lights you can get.

The first one is the LED strip having a width more than average. But the other one is a more premium variant in which the width of the LEDs on the strip is greater than average. The performance of wider LEDs is also better.

What will be the most suitable LED strip dimensions for me?

Now that you know, width has something to do with the performance of the LED strips. You might be thinking, how wide are LED strips in general? Well, the average width of the LED strips can be divided into four classes.

The first class is LED strips 10mm in width, and these LEDs are quite popular for DIYing stuff at home. The second class of LED strips falls under the 12mm-15mm width class. 

Undoubtedly, the most sold LED strips on a commercial and household level. Last but not least are the LEDs having a width greater than 15mm and are used commercially.

The 5050 and 2835 LED overview

Don’t worry; there is nothing technical about classifying LEDs into 5050 and 2835. These are just the serial numbers set by the manufacturing companies for LEDs. Both the 5050 and 2835 are LED classes placed on the strips.

Along with these two classes, there is a third class as well. The 3528 are found most commonly on LED strips of all sorts. But these LEDs are vulnerable to a higher voltage and current fluctuations.

Does LED Strip Dimensions affect the performance?

The performance of an LED strip doesn’t depend upon the LED mm sizes in case of the strip length. In simpler terms, if you have an LED strip of 10m in length, the performance of the strips will be the same as an LED strip of 15m in length.

But there are still factors involving the LED strip dimensions that can influence the performance of the strip. If the width of the strip varies from another one, there can be major recorded fluctuations within the whole circuit. That is why it is advised to buy LED strips of the same width and from the same manufacturer.

Breaking the working cost for larger LEDs

Now you are well aware of how the length of the LED strips has nothing to do with the performance of the LEDs. But still, the LED chip size matters a lot. According to proven results, the ship’s size of the LEDs installed determines the performance of the LED strip itself.

This means that the power consumption of certain LEDs will also be more than usual. Yes, the LED strip size will determine the power consumption. But in terms of cost, there won’t be much to be worried about. The power drawn by the 2835 chip will be 12watts per meter, and for the 5050 chip, it will be 14.4watts.

Impact of LED Density on Performance 

The only major difference between the 2835 chip and the 5050 chip is the density of both chips. According to common observation, the 2835 chip is somewhat 2.8 mm in width. On the opposite, the 5050 LED ship is 5 mm in width. The same mm ratings are followed for the height of the chips.

And as we know already, 2835 will consume less power than the 5050 LED chip. This will also impact the chip’s performance; the 5050 will be better at performance in this regard.

Final Words

We bet this was the first time you heard the notion of LED strip lighting dimensions affecting the performance of the strip. Remember, when looking for the perfect LED strip to buy, verify the type most suitable for you.

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