Can You Use LED Strip Lights Outside the House?

led strip lights outside the house

At this point, you are quite sure about getting LED strip lights at your home in one way or the other. It’s a great decision indeed. The one that will surely increase the aesthetics of your space in more than one way.

But here’s the main question, can you use LED strip lights outside the house? Well, this seems like a great idea indeed. But even this idea has its cons along with numerous pros. We will discuss this topic in detail now.

But are LED strip lights Waterproof?

Yes, they are. The majority of the LED strip lights available in the market are waterproof. If we look at the models of LED strips available a couple of years back, the waterproof feature wasn’t available. But why do consumers care so much about the waterproof feature now in the first place?

Think for a second here. You have decorated your main outer door with LED strips. But what happens when it rains? The waterproof LED strip lights will withstand all of them quite conveniently. But the same thing can’t be said for LED strip lights that aren’t waterproof.

Is using LED Strip Lights outside the house a good idea?

If we consider factors like the aesthetics and the overall look of the LED strip lights, then yes, using LED strip lights outside the house is a good idea. But just like any practical idea, there are many aspects you need to take into account before turning this idea into a reality.

But it is a great idea to talk about the general perspective alone. An idea that will substantially increase the overall look of your house. Especially at night when the LED strip lights will illuminate the whole neighbourhood beautifully.

Using the LED lights for Outdoor 

Now, you have decided to use LED strip lights outside the house. You truly are an ambitious one. So, the important question now is, how will you do it? There are thousands of ways to utilize the potential of LED strip lights outside. 

To be fair, using the LED strip lights outside always seems like a more potent approach than the inside. But surely most people don’t go with this approach. Why? Well, they aren’t as ambitious as you are.

Here are some top ways through which you can use LED strip lights outside. And in a way that you will love the result,

  • Across the Roof

From the outside, what’s the most prominent area of your house? We get it; some will think about the fence while others about the lawn. But, guys, it is the rook. The most prominent and possibly the biggest area of your house is on the outer side.

So, it only makes sense if you want to compliment the roof by using LED strip lights. It will surely take a lot of LED strip lights to cover a large roof, but the potential outcome is enough to make this approach super attractive.

  • Using them for an aesthetic entrance

Now, who doesn’t like aesthetic and illuminated entrances? From Netflix sensations like the ‘Bridgerton’ to the illuminated entrance trends of TikTok, everyone’s in love with them. 

Feels like walking through the land of fairies, where beautiful light balls welcome you at each step.

We have already summarized why using LED strip lights for an aesthetic entrance to your home can be such a great idea. There are thousands of inspirations you can take from shows of all kinds. Plus, if you have that creative knack, you can customize the whole entrance beautifully with LED strip lights. Aesthetic in every sense there is.

  • Decorating the door

We bet that you have already thought about this idea. Decorating the door with LED strip lights. The idea already seems like it will make quite some impression. Perfect, right? Well, decorating the door with Led strips also has perks.

For instance, you don’t need a fancy kind of door to make an impact. A regular-shaped and sized door will be perfect to work with. If you have the imagination to place the LED strip lights beautifully, you can create a masterpiece. Plus, a campaign like this will be extraordinarily eye-catching on many levels.

  • Matching the theme of festivals

Now, this is something that we call original. It is an idea that no one would have thought about on the scale we are addressing. You can practically harness the beauty and potential of the LED strip during festivals. And that too in a way that will awe everyone.

Just imagine it’s Christmas eve. All your friends and family members are coming right through the entrance. What’s the first thing they encounter? Beautiful golden and sparkling silver coloured LED strips to compliment the spirit and colours of Christmas.

But what do you need to do so that the LED strip lights adjust with every festival? Simple, use multiple coloured LED strip lights. Or at least the ones that come with a programmable feature. This way, you can use LED strip lights outside the house for some festivals.

Installing the LED lights Outside

We get it, guys, we get it! You are already super excited to use LED strip lights outside the house in ways only you can imagine. We are also excited to equip you with all the necessary information required to change how the outer view of the house looks.

But before you can jump right into sticking LED strips all over the place. There are some steps you need to follow. Think of this as a fun to-do list. Every step you clear adds majesty to the overall look and appearance of your house from the outside.

  • Making prior arrangements

What makes a great engineer great? Let us answer that on behalf of you, preparation. It’s all about the preparation you make before tackling a potential problem. Imagine getting right onto sticking LED strips all over the place without making prior arrangements.

Any example of this? Suppose you buy 10m of LED strips out of pure estimation. But when you start sticking LED strips in the desired orientation, you conclude. You need at least 22m of LED strip to make a meaningful design. This is exactly what making prior arrangements eliminates from a project.

  • Taking exact measurements

Now, the first step is practically starting the LED strip placement campaign. You need to take exact measurements if you need to have spot-on results. We are not talking about mere assumptions you make by simply looking at the roof outside. 

Get a ladder, get a measuring tape, climb up that ladder, and measure every inch. That’s what we are talking about. Only you have the image in mind regarding the look of the LED strips at the end. It is important to take exact measurements to get the required goods accordingly.

  • Selecting the best outdoor strip lighting

This is one of the most ignored steps by users throughout North America. But why? Let us explain. Most users believe that as they have installed LED strips inside the house, they are an expert on the matter. In other words, they know which brand to trust.

But to use LED strip lights outside, you need more than that to be called a professional. Manufacturers that manufacture LED strips inside the house don’t usually manufacture them to be used outside. These are specially graded LED strips with special features to withstand the outer environment.

  • Checking the voltage rating

The voltage rating is unimportant when we discuss placing the LED strips inside the house. There’s little chance of voltage interference inside the house, and the LEDs work perfectly fine. But the conditions outside the house are quite different from the inside.

Especially if you reside in an area where there are extremities in both hot and cold weather, for that reason, it is advised to use LED strip lights adaptable to the outside environment. It has a voltage rating of 24V or higher.

  • Maintaining the temperature 

Of course, we are not talking about controlling the temperature in case of a snow blizzard or a heat burst. These are extreme weather conditions and can even make appliances within the house dysfunctional. But maintaining the temperature of the strips for general weather conditions is important.

The strips usually come with a specific temperature range. This is the range within which the LED works exceptionally well and can do so for quite some time. From heat sinks to protective covering, there are countless ways through which you can ensure all of this.

  • Ensuring the credibility of junctions and switching on

In the end, before switching it all on and witness magic, there is one thing left to do. The outside weather conditions can impact the structure of the junctions. And if we talk more in detail, many factors can even disrupt the junctions at certain points.

Now, you can use a soldering kit to ensure that the points where the junctions are vulnerable are always secured. Or, you can use LED strip light-friendly connectors. These connectors come in pretty handy and don’t require technical skills.

Once all is set, take a few steps back so you can take a look at the bigger picture. Switch on the main power and enjoy.

Is it Better to get Professional help with the installation?

This depends upon what is your possible expertise in the field. Do it yourself if you believe the task can be completed without asking a professional. It will save a lot of bucks for you.

But if there are technicalities involved. Like soldering or deriving a controlled system for power, it is better to acquire professional help. The outcome will be much more favourable this way.

Finding the Right Power Distribution Mechanism

Focusing on the right power distribution system can be hard outside. Unlike internal spaces, the outside power arrangement isn’t very user-friendly. You will hardly find houses with power sockets on the roof or near the fence. There’s always some kind of extension hanging around the yard.

But in the case of LED strip lights, depending upon an extension for power distribution is not a great idea. Why? Well, LED strip lights require constant and stable power distributions. That’s why a stable power distribution mechanism is required. This will ensure the stability and longevity of the system.

Are denser LED strips a better option to use outside?

In some of the other prominent LED-associated guides, we published, LED strip density has always been up for discussion. Even though the LED strip density doesn’t impact the performance of the LEDs in any way possible, it is noticeable that the strip density can come in handy when placing them outside.

For instance, an LED strip light with a dense strip is likely to stick longer and firmer than a less dense one. Features like these are why certain LED strip brands get an advantage over their competitors with no extra effort.

What is the general trend regarding using LED strip lights outside the house?

According to the reports, we have gathered so far, the trend to use LED strip lights outside the house is still in the expansion stage. What that means is that people have not yet adopted it. But still, they are trying to adjust to the possibilities of it.

The concept is gaining popularity in North America through Netflix shows and TikTok trends depicting its potential. It just feels magical what a few LEDs on a strip can do when placed intelligently at certain points. A great of getting back to the era when lighting had a crucial part in decorations and festivals of all sorts.

Final Note

With this, we believe that now you have the answer to your question. Can you use LED strip lights outside the house? Of course, you can, but with the right precautions and a knack for imagination.

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