Can You Use Smart Bulbs Outside?

Smart bulbs are everywhere. It’s like we are reliving the moment when Thomas Edison introduced the filament bulb centuries ago. The hype is amazing throughout the globe.

But today we’ll be talking about a question that you might be thinking about already. Can you use smart bulbs outside?

Why do you want to use them outside in the first place?

Now that’s something you should know the answer to before moving forwards. Why exactly do you want to use smart bulbs outside? There are many options that you can use instead. Bulbs that are designed to be used for outside power inlets and all.;

If we talk about the overall design of smart bulbs, they aren’t built for outdoor use. Many factors influence the performance of smart bulbs outside.;

So, if you are very sure that using smart bulbs outside will be a good idea, only then you should attempt something like this.

Design Dynamics of Smart Bulbs;

The design dynamics of smart bulbs are different from large bulbs. You just need to provide power to the bulbs. All the rest including brightness, control, etc will be taken care of through the mobile app. But how is that possible? Simple, through WIFI.

Now, what if there’s no WIFI or some sort of connectivity issue? Don’t worry, the mobile application also offers Bluetooth connectivity.;

Features will certainly decrease with Bluetooth connectivity, but still, it is a very cool feature. Now, if you want to use smart bulbs outside, make sure you use the mobile app within the recommended range of use.

Issues you’ll Probably Face

If you have decided to use smart bulbs outside, you will face some issuissuesere’s no uncertainty in that. But tackling those issues is something you will have to figure out yourself.;

You thought we were going to say that? No! We understand that this might be your first attempt at something like that. According to our expert analysis skills, here are some common issues you will face while your endeavour Don’t worry, we’ll also explain how you can tackle each issue effectively,

  • Disruption in the range

The major issue you will be facing while using the smart bulbs outside will be that of range. The mobile application support allows you to control smart bulbs only within a certain range. This issue is also common among WIFI-operated bulbs. So, placing bulbs at the point where they get outside of the operational range won’t be a good idea.

Also, there’s a very prominent chance that the smart bulbs you have come with Bluetooth backup control. We all know how much coverage Bluetooth has in an area. So, the best thing to do will be to calculate the range while bulb placement so you can control the bulbs conveniently.

  • Slow response

An issue that has been raised quite a lot by smart bulb users throughout the globe. The technology has finally started to show some of its cons. But this is not an issue that can’t be resolved. The major reason for the smart bulbs to respond slowly is that they might be placed outside of a certain range.

What can you do in this regard? Well, try to switch to a smart bulb control hub instead of a mobile application. The hub will provide you additional support to operate the bulb and will also help a lot in resolving the slow response-related issue.

  • Extreme weather conditions

Not all bulbs are made to withstand tough weather conditions. Let us repeat that. Not all bulbs are made to withstand tough weather conditions. And according to our analysis, smart bulbs are certainly one of those kinds of bulbs.

The whole operational dynamics of smart bulbs are very complex as compared to regular bulbs. Features like brightness control, timer, etc are not available with regular bulbs. So, placing the smart bulbs outside in a place where they become super vulnerable to weather conditions won’t be a great idea. It can even damage the bulb in the long run.

  • Hard for maintenance

Just think about it for a second. You decide to use a smart bulb instead of the regular bulb at the top of your house gate. Guests are coming in and you are all set to show them the magic of your new smart bulb at the welcome station. But you forgot to switch the button on your smart bulb at the time of installation.;

Can you get back up there in front of your guests and program the bulb? Certainly not, that’s why make sure that the bulb you are using is reliable and more importantly approachable for maintenance.

Do all sorts of Smart Bulbs are Suitable for Outdoor use?

That’s exactly what we talked about earlier. If we take a look at the major smart bulb options available in the market today, not all of them can be used outside. Why? Severe weather conditions.

Smart bulbs are designed to withstand fluctuations within the normal room environment. As these bulbs are supposed to be used inside. But outside weather conditions like extremely hot or cold won’t let the bulbs work efficiently for long.

Make sure to check thoroughly if the smart bulb you’re getting is designed to be used outside in the first place or not.

Things to Remember

Now that you have made up your mind to use smart bulbs outside your room, we want you to remember a few things. First, make sure that the bulb you’re installing can withstand external weather conditions.

Second, always go with the warranted bulb options as they allow you some kind of replacement or reimbursement if the bulb was faulty in the first place. And third, always use hub support as it will allow you to control smart bulbs more efficiently.

Expert Opinion on the matter

From all the data we have gathered so far on the topic it is not advisable to use smart bulbs outside. These bulbs aren’t designed to be used outside. Plus the technology used in the making of smart bulbs is way more advanced than regular bulbs in many aspects.

You need to provide certain kinds of conditions if you want to keep the bulb functional for a long time.

Also, these bulbs have some issues related to control when it comes to range. If you get disconnected or get outside the range of the bulb, there’s no way you are going to operate the bulb conveniently.

Final Note

This concludes our article and we do hope that now you know whether you can use smart bulbs outside or not. If you still want to give it a try, we would suggest you get expert help with the installation and all.

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