Can Small Bulbs work without WIFI?

We bet that you have already thought about it. Do small bulbs work without WIFI? Well, the answer is both yes and no.

But how? We will be discussing exactly that today. Plus, how to connect Wipro smart bulb with mobile hotspots as well.

The Working Frequency of Small Bulbs 

To be operated through WIFI, the working model of WIFI bulbs is slightly different from regular bulbs. Instead of controlling the bulbs from a dimmer or a power outlet, you can prevent these bulbs through WIFI.

Seems all sci-fi, we know. But WIFI bulbs work on a 2.4 GHz frequency range, allowing them to be controlled over WIFI. The WIFI control will be available directly through your mobile phone. But what if the WIFI goes out? Will the bulb die too with it? 

What if the WIFI goes out?

This is precisely what we are talking about earlier. We all have a smartphone, right? You change your phone, and when the battery dies, you charge it again. 

Quite simple. But when the whole concept of wireless mobile phones was initially launched, things weren’t that simple.

Manufacturers came up with replaceable battery phones with no charging option. What was the result? A lot of dead cell phones. 

But the WIFI bulb manufacturer was smart enough from mobile companies’ past mistakes. If the WIFI goes out, you can still control the bulb with the help of Bluetooth.

How to connect Wipro Smart Bulb with Mobile Hotspot Guide 

Now, as we have referenced the mobile industry to prove our point, here’s another reference. We all know about Apple inc. The company revolutionized how mobile phones were perceived and used throughout the globe. Regarding Wipro, the company has done the same for the WIFI-operated bulbs sector.

Although the concept of WIFI bulbs is relatively new, the company is doing a fantastic job. Wipro has made a name for itself in the WIFI-operated bulbs sector in the US alone. Plus, the Wipro bulbs also work on Bluetooth control if the WIFI control isn’t available. 

Here’s how to connect Wipro smart bulb with a mobile hotspot:

  • Connect through App

The very first step is to connect the bulb with the help of a specific mobile app. Wipro offers mobile application control as well. So, if you have a WIFI-operated bulb manufactured by Wipro, you can control it through the app.

Just power on the bulb and open the mobile app. Sometimes, the app detects a bulb in its surroundings and connects with it automatically. However, you will have to manually search the model and click it for some WIFI bulbs.

  • Bluetooth Connect

What if there’s no WIFI in the house due to some reason? Will the bulbs still work in such a situation? The answer is Yes. Wipro WIFI smart bulbs also come with Bluetooth controls and the WIFI command. You can control the bulb through Bluetooth even if the Wi-Fi is unavailable.

The setting is quite simple. Just open the app and set the bulb to switch to Bluetooth mode when there is no WIFI. The bulb will automatically switch to Bluetooth control mode if the WIFI isn’t available or unstable.

  • Hub Connect

The Hub connects service is relatively new, even for the whole Wipro campaign. As the name indicates, the Hub is a device placed at the center of the room to control all the WIFI-operated bulbs in the vicinity. Your mobile phone will be directly connected with the Hub instead of individual bulbs.

This allows you to control a considerable number of WIFI bulbs at the same time. You can also time these bulbs or make them glow in a specific pattern. The usual connectivity range for a single mobile device without Hub support is ten bulbs.

Features that won’t work without WIFI

It is remarkable that when the WIFI isn’t working, the bulbs automatically switch to Bluetooth control mode. But there are some drawbacks with the Bluetooth control mode as well. Many of the famous and eye-catching features won’t be available as soon as the WIFI mode is switched off.

Features that fall under this category include dimming, timing, and even pattern settings. So, if you greatly rely on these features, make sure that the bulbs stay connected to the WIFI. If WIFI isn’t stable, it is better to get a backup plan in advance.

Can you turn the WIFI bulbs on with the regular power outlet?

Now there is a misconception that we would like to talk about here. Most people think WIFI bulbs mean that you won’t have to provide any kind of power or, in terms of electronics, Vcc to the bulb. But that is not the case.

To control the bulb through the WIFI, you need to provide it with a certain operating power. If not, the bulb won’t operate, and controlling the bulb through WIFI won’t be possible. The same principle is applied to Bluetooth operation support as operating power is necessary.

WIFI Bulbs and Frequency interferences

No doubt the WIFI control is a thing of the future. A technology that may be a bit ahead of its time. But what we have collected from the reviews so far, this technology is performing quite well. The websites are packed with positive reviews and everything.

However, there are some drawbacks associated with this technology as well. WIFI works through Radio Waves. These waves operate at a certain frequency and are a source of transmitting data over a certain geographical range. But what if there’s an interference in the path of WIFI transmission? In cases like these, the bulb may glitch and even stop functioning properly through WIFI control.

Is this the Right Option?

Let’s cut to the chase. Is it worth having WIFI-controlled bulbs in your house? Absolutely yes. But only if you are a fan of aesthetics and customization. If you are an old-schooler, sticking to the traditional bulbs will be a much better idea.

Where WIFI bulbs do allows you to have a lot of control over the whole customization end. The traditional bulbs allow you to have a much more stable working approach. But in the end, the only thing that matters is whether or not the bulb fits your expectations and requirements.

Final Note

Well, this concludes our WIFI controlled bulb guide. We hope that you have all the knowledge to make the right choice. Plus, you also know how to connect the Wipro smart bulb with a mobile hotspot.

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