Petronas Towers, constructed as a symbol of Malaysia’s newly rising economy, proudly represents its sophisticated culture. Today the conjoined towers’ distinct nighttime silhouette is recognized worldwide as an icon for its home city, Kuala Lumpur, as well as for Malaysia.

Innovative lighting enhances the buildings’ impressive architecture. The inner surfaces of the towers’ shafts are illuminated to create a bright channel that emphasizes the towers’ imposing height, reveals the structure’s unusual form and spatially relates one tower to the other. Floodlights incorporated into the exterior mullion system clearly illuminate the buildings’ clean vertical planes and its dramatic sky bridge.

An 863-seat concert hall anchored at the base of the towers provides a visual centerpiece for the project. The ceiling of this exquisite performance space features jewel-like fixtures and fiber optics, which create sparkling points of light to enhance the intimacy of such a grand space.